solutions analyst at canon do brasil

systems analyst / developer at itaú

fullstack developer at lambda3

backend developer at deskbookers

fullstack developer at lambda3

software engineer at nubank

software engineer at 180s

<main> clojure, javascript, c#, tests, docker, un*x, databases </main>
<side> rust, photography, clack mech keebs, hack electronics, save hyrule, die in boletaria, lordran or yharnam, sneak in shadow moses, deflect in ashina </side>
<commits> loading </commits>


6502 Emulator a 6502 emulator written in pure c [source]
graphmosphere a twitter bot that create geometric pictures and gifs from static noises [source]
super dice roll discord and telegram bot that roll dices using using commands like /roll 4d6+4. [source]
água consciente android app to calculate water volume spent based on time [source]
koajs api startup kit an well tested koajs user login api for bootstraping projects [source]
phaser grave a phaserjs clone of the game grave [source]
gh-commits-category api that consolidates semantic commit messages in github per user [source]